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  The drums beat as the dragon boats race . This must be mainland China or Taiwan, right? Think again. These days the traditional Chinese boats are racing in places as unlikely as England and Italy. Dragon -boat racing was introduced to the world in 1982, when the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival1 included international competitors. In the 1990s, dragon-boat racing caught on2 in many non-Asian countries. It quickly became the world’s fastest-growing water sport. What’s the appeal3 ? Dragon-boat racing combines athletic competition , cultural interest and just plain fun.

  The boats are manned4 by 20 paddlers, one dru妹妹er and one person who steers. Nearly 18 meters long, the colorful boats resemble dragons with elaborate heads and tails. The team paddles to the beat of the drum. The boats speed along, rising high and moving smoothly along the water. In about three to six minutes, they cross the finish line.

  The races recall Qu Yuan, a patriotic poet in ancient China. When he drowned in the Mi Luo River, the people raced out to save him. But they were too late .

  Dragon boats are now racing in towns and cities around the world. Students, working people and older people race for fun and exercise . Serious paddlers compete for cups and medals. In the United States, the Pacific Northwest International Dragon Cup is in its 11 th year. In Toronto, about 250, 000 spectators turn out for dragon-boat races each su妹妹er. Sweden has over 400 teams. Poland, too, has several dragon-boat clubs.

  There are even consulting businesses to help people organize local dragon-boat events. They help with site selection, team training and safety. Besides that, non-profit organizations hold competitions to raise money.

  And various regional and worldwide races — too many to name — keep serious paddlers busy. In September 2003 , Rome hosted the Club Crews World Championship. In 2004, world-class teams gathered in Shanghai for the fifth International Dragon Boat Federation races. In 2005 . . .

  Going to Europe this su妹妹er? If so, just remember: When in Rome, do as the Chinese do!


  Ⅰ. Complete each sentence with a pro per word , making changes where necessary: ( catch on, appeal, man, patriotic , spectator, consult, amateur, worldclass)

  1. Lily is an _________tennis player.

  2. Several thousand _________watched the basketball game.

  3. That new hairstyle has really_________ . Many people have that hairstyle now.

  4. This company does _________work. It helps people start business.

  5. The girls _________will the radar till we get back.

  6. Kim really loves her country. She is very_________ .

  7. This is a _________restaurant. It is known for having excellent quality.

  8. The new fashion soon lost its_________ .

  Ⅱ. An swe r the followin g que stio n in your own wo rds :

  Why does the Dragon-boat Racing become so popular in the world ?


  Ⅰ. 1. amateur 2. spectators 3. caught on 4 . consulting 5. man 6. patriotic 7 . world-class 8. appeal

  Ⅱ. Because it combines athletic competition, cultural interest and just plain fun, and people of all ages can take part in this activity.


  老传统, 重生命

  鼓声阵阵, 龙舟赛舟。这必定是在中国大陆或是在中国台湾吧? 不对, 再猜猜看! 如 今, 传统的中国龙舟在英国和意大利等这些不太能够出现之处角逐。1982 年, 香港龙舟 节广邀天下妙手参与, 龙舟赛启动为众人所知。20 世纪90 年月, 龙舟赛逐步在亚洲之外 很多国家风行开来, 并快速成为一项全世界性的水上活动。龙舟赛的魅力安在? 它的魅力在 于它将活动竞技、文明乐趣以及文娱完善地联合起来。

  船队由18 位荡舟手、1 位伐鼓手和1 位梢公构成。龙舟快要18 米长, 船身被点缀得五 彩绚丽, 船头和船尾被经心制造成龙头和龙尾的外形。步队跟着鼓声节拍划桨。跟着龙舟 的速率不停加速, 船身的吃水愈来愈浅, 在水面上飞速行进。可能只要3 ~6 分钟, 龙舟就 能冲过起点线。

  这项角逐是为了留念中国现代爱国墨客屈原而举行的。昔时他在汨罗江投水后, 人们 驾船去救他, 但为时已晚。

  现在, 赛龙舟风行于天下的各个城镇。学生、下班族和暮年人参与龙舟赛是为了文娱 和磨炼身体, 而职业的荡舟手则为奖杯和奖牌而赛。在美国, 东南安定洋天下龙舟锦标赛 已经迈入了第十一个年头。在多伦多, 每一年炎天约莫有25 万人前往鉴赏龙舟赛。瑞典有 400 多支龙舟步队。波兰也有多个龙舟俱乐部。

  一些中央乃至另外还有特地的询问机构帮忙筹办中央性的龙舟赛事。他们处理选择角逐 园地, 锻炼队员和保护安全。别的, 一些非红利性组织也通过举行龙舟赛来召募资金。

  各地区省市还会举行很多地域性或全世界性的角逐——— 数量单一, 不乏其人——— 这让很多职业 荡舟手实在很是繁忙。2003 年9 月, 罗马主理了天下龙舟争霸赛。2004 年, 浩繁的 步队群集上海, 参与第五届国内龙舟同盟赛。2005 年⋯ ⋯

  今年炎天要去欧洲吗? 若是是的话, 要记着: 入罗马境, 随龙人俗!


  新诗《端五赛龙舟》云:“ 端五云开阵雨收, 万人江上赛龙舟。心随鼓点声声急, 忘怀屈 原当日愁。”这是墨客形貌人们寓目赛龙舟的实际情形。赛龙舟作为中国一项传统民间运 动, 因其竞技性、文明乐趣性、文娱性和公共参与性, 在今天仍然有着兴旺的性命力, 并流行 于天下各地区省市。在全世界一体化的今天, 各民族的传统文明正在不停地交换交融, 君不见, 时下 很多“ 洋节”也在咱们身旁寂静衰亡。


  1. 香港龙舟节是一项大型的文明运动, 每一年8 月初举行, 每一次约莫有70 ~80 支来自天下各 039 地的业余龙舟步队参赛, 至今已举行十几届了。

  2. 受接待, 变得盛行起来, 经常使用于书面语。比方: Mini-skirts first caught on in the 1960s. ( 迷你 裙最初是在20 世纪60 年月盛行开来。)

  3. appeal n. 吸收力, 如: Learning English has a special appeal for business people in Asia. ( 亚洲商 界学英语的干劲很足

  4. man v. 给⋯⋯装备人手, 如: manned spaceship ( 载人飞船) ; What sort of people would he select to man his government? ( 他将选择怎么样的人员来组阁呢?)5. 此句改写自谚语:When in Rome, do as the Romans do. ( 入乡顺俗。) 作者奇妙地改用广 为人知的鄙谚, 使文章末端变得活泼风趣, 整篇文章顿时活了起来。


  of all the thanksgiving symbols the turkey has become the most well known. the wild turkey is native1 to northern mexico and the eastern united states.

  the turkey has brown features with buff-colored feathers on the tips of the wing and on the tail. the male turkey is called a tom2 and, as with most birds, is bigger and has brighter and more colorful plumage. the female is called a hen and is generally smaller and drab in color. the tom turkey has a long wattle ( a fleshy, wrinkled, brightly colored fold of skin hanging from the neck or throat) at the base of its bill and additional wattles on the neck, as well as a prominent tuft of bristles3 resembling a beard projecting downward from its chest.

  the turkey was originally domesticated in mexico, and was brought into europe early in the 16th century. since that time, turkeys have been extensively raised because of the excellent quality of their meat and eggs. some of the co妹妹on breeds of turkey in the united states are the bronze, narragansett, white holland, and bourbon red.

  though there is no real evidence that turkey was served at the pilgrim’s4 first thanksgiving, in a book written by the pilgrim’s governor bradford, he does make mention of wild turkeys. in a letter sent to england, another pilgrim describes how the governor sent “ four men out fowling”returning with turkeys, ducks and geese .

  benjamin franklin5 once said, “ i wish the bald eagle6 had not been chosen as the representative of our country; he is a bird of bad moral character; like those among men who live by sharping7 and robbing, he is generally poor and very often lousy. the turkey is a much more respectable bird and withal a true original native of north america . ”


  Ⅰ. fill in each blank according to what you’ve read:

  of all the symbols the turkey has become the most well known . the male turkey is called a , and the female turkey is called

  a . the turkey was originally domesticated in . turkeys have been extensively raised because of the excellent quality of their since the century. benjamin franklin once said that he wished turkeys but not had been chosen as the representative of the united states.

  Ⅱ. question :

  why did benjamin franklin think that the turkey but not the bald eagle should be chosen as the representative of the united states?


  Ⅰ. thanksgiving / tom / hen / mexico / meat and eggs / 16 th / the bald eagle Ⅱ. because he thought the bald eagle was a bird of bad moral character, while the turkey was much more respectable and it was the true original native of north america.



  在 戴德节全部的意味中, 火鸡已经成为人们最熟习的东西。野火鸡重要生长在墨西哥 北部和美国东部。

  火鸡通体呈褐色, 只是在翅尖和尾部粉饰些许浅黄色的羽毛。人们称雄性火鸡为 t om。和大少数鸟儿同样, 公火鸡个头更大, 羽毛的色彩也越发艳丽亮堂。人们把雌性火 鸡称作h en。母火鸡的个头较小, 羽毛是枯燥的土褐色。公火鸡嘴的底部有一条长长的肉 垂( 这是一种从脖子或喉咙垂下的肉质的皮肤褶皱, 颜色美丽) , 脖子上也会长些肉垂。而 且, 公火鸡还长有一丛从胸部垂下来的像是一撮胡子同样的竖毛。

  火鸡最先在墨西哥被驯化, 并在16 世纪晚期被运送到欧洲。从当时起, 人们就因其高 品质的肉和蛋而启动发批量豢养火鸡。美国最多见的火鸡种类重要有青铜色、纳拉甘塞特、 荷兰白和波旁红等。

  虽然并无确实的证据证明美国清教徒在过第一个戴德节时曾把火鸡摆上宴席, 但是 他们的总督布雷德福在他写的一本书中的确提到了野火鸡。另外一个清教徒在他寄往英格 兰的信中形貌了总督是怎么样派“ 四人进来捕鸟”, 结果却带了些火鸡、鸭子和鹅返来。

  本杰明· 富兰克林曾如此说:“ 如果昔时咱们没有选择秃顶雕作为我国的意味就行 了。秃顶雕的操行欠好, 就像那些靠诱骗和掠取为生的人中莠民同样, 它一般都很卑贱, 而 且行为凡是也很卑鄙。火鸡则是一种越发值得尊重的鸟, 不只云云, 它是北美真正土生土 长的鸟儿。”


  一提到火鸡, 人们就会想到戴德节餐桌上那道香馥馥的大餐, 但是把它和美国历史联络起来的人其实不多。如果美国人昔时真的把火鸡选作国鸟, 是否是美国乃至全部天下的历 史都会改动呢? 鸟儿, 岂论是崇高照旧鄙俚, 不过是为了生存罢了, 可儿的欲 望倒是无尽头 的。要改动国鸟, 再难也轻易, 要改动全部国家的政策和百姓的性情, 才是最难最难的。


  1. 这个词作“ 当地的, 土生的”解, 如: native land ( 家乡) ; native tongue ( 母语) ; a native italian ( 一个土生土长的意大利人) ; the maize is native to america. ( 玉米是美洲的本地货。)

  2. 这里指“ 雄性植物”, 特殊是猫和火鸡。后文中的hen 多指雌性家禽和水活泼物。思量 到本文的写作特色, 直接译为公火鸡和母火鸡。

  3. 该词原指竖起的鬃毛, 此处指火鸡脖子上竖起的较硬的羽毛。

  4. pilgrim 原意为朝圣者。此处大写, 专指美国晚期的清教徒移民。1620 年, 的“ 蒲月花”号船满载着不胜忍耐英国海内宗教迫 害的102个清教徒抵达美洲, 而且在新英格兰 建立普利茅斯殖民地。为了留念那些虔敬的殖民者, 也为谢谢天主赐赉歉收和健康, 美 国把每一年11 月的第四个木曜日定为戴德节。火鸡和南瓜饼都是这一节日的传统食品。

  5. 本杰明·富兰克林( 1706—1790) , 18 世纪美国的政治家和文学家, 同时照旧了不得 的科学家、创造家。他终身最真正的写照是他考生自己所说过的一句话:“老实和勤奋, 应该 成为你长期的朋友。”

  6. 秃顶雕。从1782 年起, 秃顶雕便是美国的国鸟。秃顶雕捕猎的本事较差, 只会追随其他 海鸟一同去捉鱼, 常常只能抓那些逝世鱼和半逝世不活的鱼。偶然候, 它们还会从鱼鹰的嘴 中把鱼抢去。

  7. 这个词并非标准用法, 出自sharp adj. 狡诈的, 诱骗的。此处相称于动词, 指“( 使用狡 猾的手腕进行) 诱骗”, 特殊用于贸易商业中。


  jesus spent his last few hours of liberty quietly in the suburb of bethany. it was the day of passover. the jews observed this feast by eating roast lamb and unleavened bread. 2

  jesus asked his disciples to go to town and reserve a room in one of the smaller inns and order a dinner that they might all be together.

  when evening came, judas, looking bland3 and innocent, left the house together with the others. they went down the mount of olives and entered the city and found that everything was ready. they took their seats around one long table and began to eat.

  but it was not a cheerful meal. they felt the dread of those coming events which already were casting their terrible shadow over the small group of faithful friends.

  jesus spoke very little. the others sat in gloomy silence. at last peter could stand it no longer, and he blurted4 out what was in everybody’s mind . “master, ”he said,“we want to know. do you have reason to suspect one of us?” softly jesus answered, “ yes. one among you who is now sitting at this table will bring disaster upon us all. ” then all the disciples got up and crowded around him. they protested their innocence. at that moment judas slipped quietly out of the room. they now all knew what was to come. they could no longer remain in that little room. they needed fresh air, and they left the inn and walked out of the gate and went back to the mount of olives and opened the wicket to a garden which a friend had told them to use whenever they wished to be alone . it was called gethsemane5 , after an old oil-press which stood in a corner. after a while jesus walked away from the little group. but three of the disciples who were closest to him, followed at a distance.

  he turned around and bade them wait and watch while he prayed.

  the time had come for a final decision. escape was still possible , but escape would mean a silent confession of guilt and defeat for his ideas.

  he was alone among the silent trees and fought his last great battle . he was a man in the fullness of his years. life still held a great promise. death, once his enemies captured him, would come in a most terrible form. he made his choice . he stayed. he went back to his friends. and behold! they were fast asleep . a moment later, the whole garden was in an uproar. led by judas, the guards of the sanhedrin rushed upon the prophet. judas was at their head. he threw his arms around his master and kissed him. 6 that was the sign for which the soldiers had waited. at that moment, peter realized what was happening.


  Ⅰ. welcome to the eden of animals . according to chinese , choose the correct english word: ( bee, rabbit, butterfly, lark, lion, mouse, donkey)

  1. tom always has a lot of things to do. every time you see him, he is as busy as a ________( 忙得团团转) .

  2. although it was an easy problem, i still made a mistake . it really made feel that i was as stupid as a ________( 蠢如驴) .

  3. cathy is dressed very well and looks as beautiful as a ________( 像胡蝶同样美丽) .

  4. the villagers beat the enemy and lived as merry as a ________( 很是快乐) .

  5. tom and jerry are twins, but they are quite different. tom is as timid as a ( 怯弱如鼠) while jerry as bold as a________ ( 莽如雄狮) .

  6. after the company went into bankruptcy ________( 宣布停业) , he was as poor as a church ________( 贫无立锥) .

  Ⅱ. can you crack the riddle ?

  have you heard of sphinx ( 斯芬克司) of greek mythology?

  sphinx was a monster with the head and breast of a woman, the body of a lion, the wings of a bird, a serpent’s tail and lion’s paws. it had a human voice and usually asked passers-by to guess her riddle. if the man was unable to find the answer, she would eat them. if he could, she would kill herself. the riddle is this: what goes on four feet, on two feet, and three , but the more feet it goes on, the weaker it be ?

  do you get the answer? explain yourself.


  Ⅰ. 1. bee 2. donkey 3. butterfly 4 . lark 5 . rabbit / lion 6 . mouse

  Ⅱ. it is a man. as an infant, the man crawls upon all fours. when in manhood, he goes erect on two feet and when in old age , he supports his tottering legs with a stick.



  耶稣在贝瑟尼市区清静地渡过了性命中最后几小时的自在准备时间。那天是跨越节,犹 太人吃烤羔羊肉和无酵饼来庆贺这一节日。

  耶稣让徒弟进城到一家小酒馆订了房间及晚饭, 他们将在那边集会。

  夜色来临, 犹大泰然自若地和其别人一同脱离了家。他们下了橄榄山, 进了城, 发现一 切均已备好。他们围着一张长桌坐了下来, 而后启动用餐。

  可这并非一顿让人感应高兴的晚饭。即将产生的事早已在这一小群老实的教友中 间投下了恐怖的暗影, 他们感应了胆怯。


  最后, 彼得再也没法忍耐, 脱口道出了各位的心声。 “ 先生, ”他说,“ 咱们想了解, 您是不是有充分的来由怀疑咱们中间的一个? ” 耶稣轻声地解答:“ 是的。目前坐在这张桌子旁的, 你们中间的一人将给咱们各位带来 劫难。” 随后, 全部的徒弟都站起来围在了他的周围, 声辩各自的洁白。 就在那一刻, 犹大悄然溜出了房间。 这下他们都了解要产生什么事了。他们再也没法呆在谁人斗室间里了。 他们需要呼吸一些新颖的氛围, 就脱离小酒馆, 走出大门, 前往橄榄山, 而后翻开通往 一个花圃的边门。一个小伙伴告诉他们, 不管什么时候只需他们想独自呆一会, 均可以进谁人花 园。

  谁人花圃叫客西马尼, 就在角落里榨油机的后面。

  过了一下子, 耶稣走开了。和他干系刚刚的三个徒弟在不远处随着他。

  他转过身, 下令他的徒弟等候并保护着他做祈祷。 做出最后决议的时辰降临了。尽管他仍有能够逃窜, 但那将象征着默许考生自己有罪和承 认考生自己头脑的失利。 他单独呆在闹哄哄的树林里, 作出了生前最勇敢的妥协。 他正值丁壮。生活仍有许多但愿。 一旦朋友拘捕了他, 他将以一种很恐怖的方法被正法。 他做出了决议。他不逃。他回到教友们中间。 看! 他们都睡熟了。 片晌以后, 全部花圃一片喧嚣。 一群犹太教公会卫兵在犹大的领导下, 向这位先知冲过去。 犹大就在最前面。 他搂着先生并亲吻了他。 这恰是兵士们等候的信号。 那一刻, 彼得终究明确产生了什么。


  人的终身就像是道选择题, 而咱们每一个人, 无时无刻不在做出考生自己的选择, 以期到达所寻求的地步。哈姆雷特在存亡之间也曾犹疑过,“ 生照旧逝世, 这是个问题。”耶稣在押跑与 留下之间, 选择了留下, 选择了负担责任。虽然如此做的价格是在苦楚中完成考生自己的性命, 但是他获得的倒是考生自己的洁白和坚忍不渝的宗教崇奉以及他未曾料想到的对后代的深远 影响。


  1. 最后的晚饭, 报告的是耶稣在跨越节的时候和他的12 个徒弟会餐时的情况。那天, 他被门 徒犹大出售, 厥后被钉逝世在十字架上。达·芬奇的名画《最后的晚饭》描画的便是此次聚 餐时的情况。因为在最后的晚饭中, 犹大被以为是第13 自己个人, 所以古代英语国家对数字 “13”就很隐讳, 他们在宴客时必定会避开这个数字, 既没有选13 日也没有请13 自己个人。

  2. 这一小段重要是讲跨越节( passover) 的过法。犹太人吃烤羔羊肉和无酵饼庆祝。注重, 这里的observe 不是凡是各位所说的“观察”或“ 批评”的意义, 而是“庆贺, 过( 节日、生日 等) ”的意义, 同等于celebrate, 如: observe the national day ( 庆贺国庆) ; we always observe birthdays at home. ( 咱们老是在家里过生日。)

  3. 这个词是“漠不关心的, 毫不在意的, 恬然自如的”的意义。还可作描述词, 作“淡而有趣的, 枯 燥有趣的”解, 如:this is a bland story with little plot. ( 这是个缺少情节而又死板有趣的故事。)

  4. 指“ 信口开河, 冲口说出”, 如: he blurted out the secret. ( 他失慎说出了神秘。)

  5. 客西马尼, 地名, 耶路撒冷四周的一个小花圃。在《圣经》中, 这是耶稣蒙难之处, 故常 被引作为“ 蒙难地, 蒙难时辰”。

  6. 这句话即judas kiss 一词的泉源。在《圣经》中犹大以亲吻的方法暗示卫兵捉住耶稣, 所 以judas kiss 指“ 笑里藏刀的伪善凶险行为”。与犹大相关的词语另外还有judas goat, 专指用 于引领羊群到屠宰场的“ 头羊, 领头山羊”。